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Welcome to DFW Raw Dog Food - your ultimate destination for premium raw pet nutrition! We understand that your furry friend's well-being is a top priority, and we're here to provide expert guidance and support on their journey to optimal health.

How'd we get into this?
In 2018, we embarked on our mission: to find a superior alternative to kibble for our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (an now one English Springer Spaniel). After an extensive search, we found K-9 Kraving, an exceptional company based in Baltimore, MD. They exceeded all our expectations, offering a premium diet that is carefully balanced and ready to feed, using only the finest ingredients.

So what did we do?
We jumped all in! We wanted this diet so we had to bring it to Texas. We placed our first order, got a commercial freezer ready, and...the rest is history.

Our mission now is providing other Texans access to the same great raw dog food diet we believe so much in and our Champions agree!

Meet Some of the DFW Raw Team

We are passionate about dogs and we believe a raw diet is key to unlocking their full potential and ensuring a vibrant, active, and healthy life.